Each and every nation have their own hero. A person who is admired for great or brave acts or fine qualities. : a person who is greatly admired. But sometimes, hero doesn’t always meant to be — the strongest, the brave or even the best looking. They were sometimes the least expected.

One of our brave soldier, who is half Pinoy and half Canadian, showed his love on his country through his tattoo. He wanted to manifest his inspirations.

Artist: Junjunbal Tabuyoc
Artist: Junjunbal Tabuyoc


These are  some of the portraits of Philippine heroes,  Melchora Aquino, beside her is Apolinario Mabini, and on the top, Philippine National Hero– Dr. Jose Rizal. All of them made a big contribution on our Philippine history.

Junjunbal Tabuyoc, the man behind this creation, said he finished it in 4hours.  He also claimed that the model had this concept and Junjun put all of his skills to arrange and fit it in the model’s arm. This type of tattoo – History Tattoo, is one of Junjun’s porte. He made lots of history tattoo.

He also produce events, like TATURALAN — Tattoo Paaralan or School of Tattoos. They held this event annually for 3 years now. The event allocates the artist’s skills to their co -artist and for others who wants to learn more about tattoo. It also has a Tattoo competition, for the artists to showcase their abilities.  He also held free seminars for his co- tattoo artist.

Sampaguita ( Jasmine )

We love flowers, of course! but most of us loved the colorful ones like roses, daisies, gerbera, etc. Have we ever think about Jasmine also known as SAMPAGUITA.

Sampaguita came from the word “sumpa kita meaning I Promise You “. It is the National Flower of the Philippines. They are strung into necklaces, usually given to tourists, new graduates, and competition winners either as traditional welcome offerings or as honorary symbols for their achievements. The garlands are also given to saints, whether in churches or altars at home. The flowers are treasured for their distinct fragrance, and are even used in perfumery and tea-making. Now you know a little insight about how useful they are.

Artist: Edward Patricio
Artist: Edward Patricio


I found this work of art when I was browsing a girl tattoo. I actually stared on it. I thought it was  Sakura Tree (cherry blossoms) of Japan because a lot of women have that kind of tattoo, but wait that 3 colors is so familiar. That’s when I notice it was the Philippine Flag. It was so interesting, that such idea came up, though it was kind of fictional, because there are no colored Sampaguita.

Edward Patricio is the Filipino artist who execute the ideas. His client is a Fil-Am who loves flowers especially the Sampaguita and she wanted to include the Philippine Flag to represent her origin. So, that was the point that Edward branded her the flag that composed of Sampaguita buds. He said that it took 6 hours before it became a masterpiece because of the small details of the buds.

Now, Edward is in Olongapo City, continuing his passion in tattoo and sharing his skills.



There’s a NO-NO in love. Whether you’re rich or poor, young or old, white or black. Yes, even you’re in different nation, when love knocks all you can say is YES. Just like Rolando — a half Pinoy and European. He married a Maori from New Zealand. They live well now with their kids.

Rolando got inked on his both arms representing his culture and his wife.  He said that he wants to show off his pride and of course his love to his family.

Model : ROLANDO Artist : Turumakina Duley
Artist : Turumakina Duley

         Culture TribalTA MOKO  and KALINGA Tattoo (BATEK) with BAYBAYIN ( Freehand – Half sleeve)

Upon talking to Rolando, I asked him to tell me, his story behind these marvelous tattoos. He explained each tattoo. On his right arm is the Ta Moko,  a permanent body and face marking by Maori. Traditionally it is distinct from tattoo and tatau in that the skin was carved by uhi (chisels) rather than punctured. This left the skin with grooves, rather than a smooth surface.– Well his tattoo is made in  modern style of tattooing. His right arm represents the culture of his wife.

On his left arm is Kalinga Tatoo inspired — Batek is the Kalinga term for the traditional tattoos or inscriptions found on the skin of Northern Luzon Philippine natives, who view batek as a symbol of valor, a proud cultural glorification which was preserved till date even after thousand years of Kalingan voyage and establish the cultural civilization up to the modern world. Just like the   Ta Moko,— Batek created by hand-tapping the ink into the skin using sharpened sticks or animal bones (made like needles) with clay formed disks.  He mixed the Baybayin scripts of the name his 7 children, which means a lot to him. 

It was all good. I enjoyed researching the Pinoy tattoo and learning the history. I came up with the basic structure of the design and Tu did his magic with structuring the certain elements. it was all done free hand too.

Rolando was so delightful while we were talking. He said that it probably took 11 hours for Batek because of lots of line work and Ta Moko about 6 hours. These all thanks to his awesome artist Turumakina Duley whose also a Maori. Tu, made these freehand, yes indeed,  FREEHAND – – no traces at all, isn’t he stunning? Have you checked on the linings of each arm, that’s absolutely linear. No wonder they spent 6 hours every session.

My son is about to get his fusion of Ta Moko and Kalinga piece done soon too hopefully.

Like father, like son! these are the lines that Rolando said before I thanked him for his superb story of his tattoo.

MITO (Myths)

Some Filipinos, even though heavily Christianize, still believe in tales and superstitions about magical creatures and entities. One of these beliefs are the ANITOSAnito Cosmology is complex because each tribe has many variations as to how the world was created, how humans were created, and how the world is divided up.

Skilled artist Dyani Lao from Quezon City, Philippines — made his own rendition of BUKIDNON MYTHThe Creation of the Universe.

” Three Gods and The Banting”

Model : Fritz Artist : Dyani Lao
Model : Fritz
Artist : Dyani Lao

Dyani Lao said that this piece is part of his “Series Gods and Creatures”. It took 31 hours working duration, –well it’s not surprising, as you can see, it was so detailed, and full of life. When you’re looking into it, besides of being amazed, you’ll also gain some knowledge. It was interesting that some tattoo artist were inspired by our culture and they can even express it freely on tattooing. Dyani is also planning to add some color on this piece, I’m sure that will be great.

–you can check out his other works here:


Tatak Pinoy (Philippine Pride)

Model:  Keith Punk Artist: Daniel Torres
Model: Keith Punk
Artist: Daniel Torres

Polynesian Filipino Mix w/ Baybayin scripts —Full Leg Sleeve


 The bulol, or “Ifugao rice god,” is a carved human figurine into which a certain class of anito is said to incorporate itself when worshiped.

This piece of art of Daniel Torres,  had entered on a competition and won the 2nd place in Tribal Category. Mr.Keith Punk is surely amazed on his tattoo, so proud and at the same time, giving a due respect to our ancestors.

You can visit and like Daniel Torres’ page












Girl Power

Model:  Lianna Ann Siphanh Artist : Ringo Lab

Model: Lianna Ann 
Artist : Ringo Lab






First impression?!…. it’s a big WOW..

Lianna Ann from Laos , got this wonderful tattoo 2 years ago. It’s a colorful Phoenix covering her back.

The trusted one who made this possible is Ringo Lab, artist from Olongapo, Philippines. Yes.. a true Pinoy and now base in Dallas Texas, continuing his journey in the world of art.