baybayin tattoo

I’ve always wanted an Baybayin script tattoo ever since I saw the “Ka” symbol on one of the KKK flags. I remember frustrated trying to draw the perfect “I” symbol for one of my early websites about 10 years ago. My tattoo weapon of choice was Aleks Figueroa of BalisongTattoo. I was lucky that he was able to squeeze me in at such a short notice. I just contacted him a week ago after I found out on his site that he was going to be in the bay area (San Francisco).

Initially, I wanted just a big “Ka” on my shoulder brush style. I’ve always been a fan of Kanji but I would never get any on me. 1) I would feel weird because I’m not Japanese & 2) What if it gets done wrong and it means dickhead? I wouldn’t want to be featured on hanzismatter. After thinking about it, I decided to go with something with deeper meaning as do all my other tattoos. After consulting with Aleks, I opted to go with the inner forearm for placement rather than the shoulder. I’m not going to mention what it means, you will have to figure it out for yourself. Try learning Baybayin ata, it’s not that hard.

alibata tattoo

Check out the Tattoo Diary section to follow the healing process of this tattoo.

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