Doh! Kalayaana!

Came across this video on Youtube and noticed that his tattoo is missing something. If you forward to 0:44 & 1:03, you will notice the “NA” glyph. I assume he wanted a full translation of KA-LA-YA-A-N rather than KA-LA-YA-A. The “NA” glyph is missing a cancellation kudlit (either a “+”,”X” or “,”) at the bottom. It now actually says Kalayaana instead of Kalayaan like he wanted. Upon further inspection, It looks like that he used used Paul Morrow’s fonts for the design. Strange thing is that on the image he posted on his blog, the “NA” glyph does have the cancellation kudlit. Maybe it was just forgotten? Easy fix though.

Again, computer fonts are cool for educational purposes but for art? Who wants the same Baybayin fonts as someone else? Wouldn’t you have your own unique Baybayin design that nobody else in the world has?

View a Baybayin video tutorial after the jump….

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