Filipino Playboy model – Kat Longa

Here are some photos of Baybayin designs I did for Filipino Playboy model, Kat Longa. On her neck is Maganda (beautiful), Nanay (mother), and Anak na babae (daughter).


Kat also wanted to see how the tattoo would look, so I added the Baybayin scripts over a photo she sent in.

Her wrist says Ate (big sister).

Some photos of Kat

Want more photos of her? Check out Kat’s Myspace page. If your sick of checking out hot girls, you can view the pinoytattoos Myspace as well🙂

Want a tattoo like this? Check out the services page.

17 thoughts on “Filipino Playboy model – Kat Longa”

  1. kahit san simbahan papakasalan ko yan!!!! sana akin ka nalang!!! add nyo sya,, angelie pench montoya name nya sa facebook!!! astig ng babaeng yan!! parang anghel na maraming tattoo na bumaba sa lupa!!

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