Body piercing and tattooing to be regulated in the Philippines?

A pending house bill looks to regulate body piercing and tattooing in the Philippines. The measure requires persons who wish to engage in body piercing or tattooing to first obtain a permit from the Department of Health. I wonder how much the permit will cost?

Under the bill, any one who performs body piercing or tattooing without a permit from the department of health shall suffer the penalty of imprisonment of arresto mayor (one month and one day to six months) or a fine ranging from P50,000 to P100,000 or both at the discretion of the court.

Those who operate body piercing studios or tattoo studios without a permit shall be punished with a penalty of prision correccional (six months and one day to six years) or a fine ranging from P100,000 to P200,000 or both at the discretion of the court.

The penalties shall be imposed in the maximum if the violation results in the death of the patient, insanity or psychological damage of the patient and permanent physical disfigurement or disability of the patient.

Psychological damage? How will they measure that? I don’t like my tattoo and it caused me psychological issues! I actually agree with the measure. Philippine Tattoo Artists Guild (PTAG) members are required to undergo seminars by the Department of Health.

Read the whole article.

4 thoughts on “Body piercing and tattooing to be regulated in the Philippines?”

  1. f*ck….permit for being tattooed??its just like a drivers license i guess.
    i think it is quite enough that you should go to a certified tattoo artist that undergone several seminars about blood bourne pathogens and how to prevent it… the one who make this bill sounds concern huh. but i think it is holding the freedom of expression of the one who wants a tats or they just want to kick up more money for just a permit. i’m not a tattoo enthusiast, i am a nursing student. but based on what i’ve read it’s just a crap. it is better to implement a bill for those artist that does not practice aseptic technique, i just want that the bill should focus on what i’ve said. also add the age, just fill up a consent from their parents if they are just 18. hayaan nti ung mga gusto magpatattoo. we are on a freedom country, right?? so dapat wag natin idescriminate ung tattoo. our mindset toward tattoo is quite different to the other part of the globe. pag nakakita tayo ng taong may tattoo iniisip agad x-convict, goons, masama. SANA MABAGO UNG PERCEPTION NTIN TOWARDS TATTOO… AS LONG NAMAN N HINDI NAKAKA AFFECT UNG TATTOO SA PERFORMANCE NG ISANG TAO BAKIT NTIN HUHUSGAHAN DI BA?? IN OUR TIME NOW I CAN SAY NA WE ARE ON THE LOWEST PART, NAHIHIRAPAN KUMUHA NG JOBS UNG MGA MAY TATTOO BKT GANOON?? ITS A FORM OF ART, TRY TO CONSIDER THAT. I HOPE WAG MASAMAIN UNG MGA SINABI KO. that’s all..thank you.godbless

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