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43 thoughts on “Get Baybayin translation and designs for FREE”

  1. hi. w’zup…i’m planning to get inked as soon as possible. eager since. what i wanted to have is the word “respect” in alibata form. i wonder how can i have consultations thru this web and for free. thanks, hoping for your respnse soon

  2. yo! wutts good? im wonderin’ where or could someone tell me where i could find someone to hook me up wit alibata letters or someone to make a design for me it would be much appreciated


    pinoy pride for life

  3. kabayan!!!!!!! i want to have a tattoo before i will go back to my hometown binan laguna, i want to have a baybayin(alibata) translation for my daughter’s name AALIYAH…on my back..
    can you please send it thru my email and i hope it was free..
    i trusted u guys and heads up………..

  4. Hey! I’m hoping you can help me out with my tat. I want a translation of my name (Christina) in baybayin(alibata) on my back. I really like the way you did Carina’s; especially the script. I want mine very similar. Thanks!

  5. Wanted to get my 1st Tattoo and was thinking of some thing military in nature. Im in my first tour to Iraq and wanted to get Strength and Honor with a baybayin translation. Please respond back if you can help me out

  6. wazzup bro, aei wanna get a tattoo from the wrist down to the elbow and a tribal on my whole right arm through my back shoulder… i hope you guys could help me out….. just send me a holler back. i dont mind paying as long as its good… and ill call tha kuya tom. for some advice… pls holler back…. tnx pre

  7. Hey i’m trying to get my first tattoo and was wondering where I can find someone to design or translate for me in babyin(alibata) hoping for a free response please thaaank you

  8. Yoo… I was hoping that maybe yaw could help translate something for me to Baybayin.. I’m gonna be leavin out to seas in a couple months and i”ve been wanting to get a back piece before i leave.. Well i hope ta here from ya soon but if not i’ll go else where…. Thx.!

  9. Hey, I’ve just been looking at your amazing site! I’m excited to get my first tattoo and would love to have “karma” translated in baybayin. I don’t mind paying for it. Thanks, hope to hear from you soon.

  10. I’m thinking about getting a Baybayin design from you. My concern is the accuracy of the translation. Is there a way to verify?


  11. I would like to get a Pilipino tattoo that symbolizes my name, (don’t judge by the way!🙂 ) – Princess Charisma (i’m the only girl with three older brothers) I’m thinking of getting it on my ankle…can you help!!!

  12. hii, i was wondering if could get a translation of Patrick Angelo de Mesa in baybayin(alibata) on my side. its in memory of my brother.
    please and thank you.

  13. I was just looking for someone to design for me a filipino tribal design for my inner arm. Would pinoytattoos be able to design one for me? I was wondering the costs, needed information about my Filipino sides background??? etc… Im out here in Honolulu, HI. Thanks.

  14. Hi there, I would love it if you could translate:




    for me as I would like to get it tattooed on me!


  15. Hi, I plan on getting a tattoo in about 2 weeks. So I was wondering if you could translate my family name into baybayin characters. I want BENEDICTO translated.

  16. i wanted to know if you could translate my name (destiny) for me so i can get it as a tattoo for me ,please & thank you!

  17. hi! can you pls help me translate these names to alibata.

    Lucas or Lukas(whatever is easier for you guys)-name of my son


    Robyn-daughter’s name

    Maraming salamat po mga kapatid!!!
    peace =)

  18. i was wondering what does pinoy mean also baybayin (alibata) im looking for some cultural direction in a shoulder piece i have adopted 2 american kids 25yrs ago they are now 28, 31 and had twin girls 16 yrs ago we dont know much of our heritage the twin girls are half also from what we know is we have people in cavite city can you help with any

  19. Can you please translate this name for me

    Meredith (My mom’s name)
    Ning ( her nickname)

    whichever one is easier for you.

    thank you&i’d appreciate the help!

  20. Hi, I was just wanted to ask you, whats the difference between the Spanish-mod in Babayin translation to the Original? Is it a personal preference for some people?, because I am soon getting a tattoo and I like the Spanish-mod, but I think to be “Original” go with the Original Babayin script. What would you prefer? and which is more accurate, the Spainsh-mod version or the Original, Like I said to be “Original” go with the original.

    Mahalo, Proud to be a Filipino, BORN and Raised in Hawaii.

  21. hey im trying to get my first tatto and i want a filipino sun and the three stars buh my families last name in baybayin letters either san juan or vizconde plse notify me ASAP

  22. Any chance I could get a translation of my son and my husband’s name? Alejandro Watkins. I have tried to use these other online translators but just want to be sure that is correct before i get this permanently inked on me🙂

  23. Hey.. i don’t get the free tattoo thing.. like how do you order?..
    anyway i wanted the translation of my last name.. is it free? please get back at me asap k thanks🙂

  24. Hi.. I need some help plss… How can you write the “Only God can judge Me” in baybayin (alibata) I want it to put in my back for my second tattoo.. at first I thought japanese letters is cool but I’m pure filipina so why should I put japanese right? plsss🙂 thanks and more power!😀

  25. hi, i want to have a tattoo.. hope u can translate my husbands name in alibata.. his name is NEVOJ.hope u could help me.. thanks..

  26. i would like to ask, the online translation (baybayin) are their right? cause im getting a tattoo and of course i dont want to mess my body with an ink and written by baybayin, it might could be a different meaning?

  27. Hi! Please translate the name of my children in alibata (Rhoee, Ivanne, Jaiden, Jairuz) or can u make a design tatoo as suggestion?tnx

  28. I got translation a long time ago from someone, i forgot who its from i think i asked a professional person from a website do it. i saved the original file,but forgot to put who did it so i dont know how authentic it is. i would like to get the translation double checked since it was from an artist, and i will be getting the tattoo done within the next month or two.  I asked to get my family name translated. Acosta Family is what its supposed to say. can you please let me know if this is right. i really don’t want to have the wrong thing tattooed on my body. 

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