Traditional Tribal

legAs what the title said, this tattoo is a traditional tribal one with Alibata saying “Filipino”.  The tattoo is located at the outer side of Shawn’s leg.

To give you some background, tribal tattoos are more on black inks, holds up very well and doesn’t fade easily. Plus, this is easy to design and very bold. So the next time you want to have a customized tattoo, you can consider trying this first because there are lot of tattoo artists that can do very well on this.

By the way, this tattoo was made by Kiko of Island Ink located in San Diego, Las Vegas.

2 thoughts on “Traditional Tribal”

  1. I have a question… I’m considering getting my first tat and would like to start a pinoy tribal half-sleeve. I’m from Toronto, Ontario, Canada and was wondering if there might be a resource or reference I could turn to to help select a unique custom design. I don’t know if there are any online references out there or should a good enough artist exist, is this something that could be done freehand or should the artist be more aware of the origins of this pinoy artform?


  2. try racquel natividad. she’s based in the philippines but she can make u a design,also a PHILTAG member. just tell her what’s on ur mind and she’ll make u one. u gotta pay though. she didnt told me how much but i gave her 60bucks. try finding her in facebook.
    u know any tattoo artist here in canada? hit me up in facebook.

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