The Sun and The Islands

l_ffffd82c88b54c0fa5ed35d36164e217Take a look on how the Philippine Sun was spruced up by Emerald Tattoo (the shop who made this tattoo). The tattoo was obviously designed with Philippine Islands and Philippine Sun. To spice things up, the artist of this tattoo put a little twist on the Philippine Sun and surprisingly the Philippine Stars are not included.

The bearer of this tattoo is Rick Reddaway from Jackson.

7 thoughts on “The Sun and The Islands”

  1. theres something wrong with the tattoo…
    the philippine island is reversed.
    instead of the tails of the island being on the west side its on the east.

    still a nice tattoo though!

  2. i just wanted to do something a little different than most people and the artist who did it put his own flavor into it and it turned out a lot better than i expected!

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