Filipino, Hawaiian and Baybayin

This tattoo is a tribute of Zhamhyre from Las Vegas to his Filipino culture and as well as to the country where he grew up, Hawaii. The Filipino symbols are the 3 stars, sun and the Philippine flag while the Hawaiian symbol is the island overlapping the sun. The Baybayin at the middle means “Rest in peace papa” which he had after his father passed away.

3 thoughts on “Filipino, Hawaiian and Baybayin”

  1. Is it ok if I am married to a 1/2 flip and have a son and daughter by him both 1/4 flip and me the white girl to rock sun & stars tattoo. P.S. husband does not consider himself 1/2 raised in S.D. CA by Filipino grandparents. Plus my adobo rocks! Or Not cool. Don’t want it to seem as disrespectful to his culture.

  2. Hi Katie,
    Your asking a good question…
    It is important to know what you would be representing in getting the sun and stars tattooed on you. Each ray and star has a symbolic meaning and should proclaim a disposition to oppression. As equally important to displaying pride and respect to the Filipino culture is how active in the community you are…

    “Cabug – Arts Kollective 206

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