Strength & Divinity

Truly an art! This tattoo is composed of dragon wrapping a cross. Dragon symbolizes power, strength and strong will. On the other hand, cross symbolizes divinity, religion and spirituality. Combining, we can say that Karding Satwa of Dubai is a strong Filipino that strongly believed in Almighty God. He can do all things through Christ … Continue reading “Strength & Divinity”

About aims to build a community for anything related to Pinoy Tattoos. With this site, we wish to preserve and educate the world about our tattoo history as well as our indigenous culture. We will always try to look at things from a Pre-Hispanic point of view while keeping a realistic/open mind. I fully acknowledge … Continue reading “About”

My Love for the Philippines

Levin Salonga of Milwaukee, WI sent this to us to show his love for the Philippines. He said his heart will always be filled with love for his country even if he’s in States most of his life. This is not unusual scenario for most of the Filipinos living in abroad. I remember a Filipino … Continue reading “My Love for the Philippines”

Asian Water Buffalo

Carabao or “Asian Water Buffalo” is the National Animal of the Philippines. They are known for their invaluable contributions especially in rice fields. They have so much strength that’s why they are extensively used in farms, rice fields and forest. Like carabao, Filipinos are hardworking and capable of doing anything, anywhere in the world. This … Continue reading “Asian Water Buffalo”

Customized 3 Stars and a Sun

Richard Joseph Sanchez of Petaluma, CA wants to share us his wonderful 3 stars and a sun tattoo. The reason why it was located at his chest, and not in his back, is because his love for his country is straight from his heart. He said that Filipinos should be recognized worldwide! And I know … Continue reading “Customized 3 Stars and a Sun”