3 Stars and a Sun of Philippine Flag

3 Stars and a Sun of Philippine flag is the concept of Brian’s tattoo. 3 Stars and a Sun has been very familiar tattoo design because it is one of the identities of Filipinos. When you say “3 Stars and a Sun” it means “I am a Filipino”. Many proud Filipinos are having this kind of tattoo because it gives pride to the country and to the bearer itself.

Philippine Sun, Stars and Baybayin

Alan Pangilinan from San Diego just recently got this Philippine Sun and a Star. It is originally had a turtle but he’s been wanting the Filipino sun and his last name on his back for a while now. As you can see,  he had the sun go around his turtle. The turtle was for when he was Tahitian drumming. He will be getting the color of the turtle redone to match the rest of his back.


I Love My Country

This tattoo at the back of  Jowald Casem tells the different patriotic events in the history of the Philippines. Aside from that, you can also see at his back the different symbols that signifies the Philippines like the 3 stars and a sun and the feather inked pen. According to the bearer, every tattoo have stories and many Filipino, including him, loves to show their pride in their nation. This is unfinished tattoo and Jowald still wants to add up some more in the future.


And so the bearer of this tattoo is ready to defend his homeland as what his tattoo is all about. Located at his back, this 3 stars and a sun was painted with colors of Philippine flag. You can also see the flag inside the circle of the sun. At the top is the name “Powex” which is none other than the name of the bearer.