Underground Filipino artists in Saudi Arabia

Filipino OFW’s (Overseas Foreign Workers or OFI’s – Overseas Foreign Investors as Gloria Arroyo says) are setting up underground tattoo and body piercing spots in Saudi Arabia. It looks like the Filipinos setting up shop are nurses. ArabNews reports:

Young Saudi men and women are increasingly getting their bodies tattooed and pierced, something that is fueling a growth in underground tattooist and body piercers, who are often not only unhygienic but also expensive. Tattooists and body piercers that operate in Jeddah are generally Filipinos, who work from their homes and advertise their services by word-of-mouth.

I’m not sure what the Saudi law is regarding tattoos but I’m assuming the penalty is steep. If any Filipino tattoo artists from the middle east are out there, email me. I would love to interview you.

Here’s a related photo sent in by Roxie from Manila. According to Roxie, the Arabic letting on her lower back is her name. Nice