Jeng (Texas)
3 Stars and the Sun by Monster Tattoo

Mirasol is sight of the sun in English translation. But it can also be a sunflower and even someone else’s last name just like the owner of the tattoo above (now you know his complete name). Having said this, have you ever wondered why most of the Filipino last names are of Spanish origin?

Back then, during the colonial period, Spanish officials were going gaga every tax collection activities since members of the same family did not have the same last name. The father can be a Bonifacio and the son can be a Rizal. So, to make things more organized, Governor General Narciso Claveria issued the Alphabetical Catalogue of Surnames, mainly of Spanish names. It has been said, though not proven, that Filipinos should pick up a name from the catalogue and the rest of the members of their families must bear the same last name.


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Lapu-lapu, originally uploaded by Atari, Gracinha & Marco.

The first known one to rebel the Spanish. While most of us will agree that he was a great man and obviously one of the 1st “Filipino” heroes, why don’t we listen to him and keep his mentality alive? Do you think Lapu-lapu would be sad as to what his people have become? I believe he would not want to be called “Filipino”.