Philippine Sun, Baybayin and Flowers

Kaleina Kruz sent in an updated photo of her Philippine, Baybayin and Flowers tattoo. If your looking elsewhere, her tattoo is on her shoulder. I did the Baybayin design in side the Philippine Sun. It says Kaia. These are probably the best photos anyone has sent in of their tattoo. Want a custom design/referrence file? Check out the services section.

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Quezon City skyline and Philippine Sun

Jeb sends in a photo of his colorful tattoo of the Quezon City skyline and Philippine sun.

In his words:

Hey my name is Jeb and would like to share my new tatto with you. I lived in the Philippines for 2 years and loved it there. I will always have a place for the Philippines in my heart. My wife created this tattoo for me. It is the Quezon City skyline and the Pinoy Sun in the background. I do give you permission to upload this on your site. Thankyou. Enjoy!

Sexy Maganda hip tattoo

Lizzie from Kentucky (there are Filipinos there?) uploaded this hot looking hip tattoo that says “Maganda” – beautiful in Tagalog. It would be cool to get a matching one in Baybayin on the other side. Inked at Rusty Needles, KY. Got a tattoo you want to share? Upload it. If you tattoo is featured, you receive a 176 page full color tattoo ebook for free!

Billy Crawford

International Pinoy entertainer, Billy Crawford shows off his tattoos for the Philippine press. Bill is in town to promote his “Move! The Billy Crawford’s Search for Pinoy Dancers” reality TV show.

Billy Crawford

My first tattoo was [when I was] twenty-one. It was a gecko. Dito lang [sa right arm]. That was my first,” he recounts. Billy then points to the one on his left arm, which is a map of the Philippines superimposed over a sun and surrounded by Alibata characters. The multi-talented star explains that the Alibata characters mean “Isang buhay, maraming pangarap.

Too bad they don’t have a photo of the gecko. Looks interesting.

Props to PEP