Filipino/Australian Tribal Tattoo

A powerful tattoo from Jaybee is what we have in the list. The tattoo is basically composed of Philippine and Australian flag with Filipino tribal markings. The letters are in “Baybayin” which is the anciet font of the Philippines and spells out his surname. He had his tattoo on his left arm. Custom Baybayin art and translation by Christian Cabuay.

Philippine Eagle

Two sides of Philippine eagle with Philippine flag by Ariel of El Monte. This is to show his Filipino pride to the world. Philippine eagle is the Philippines national bird and world wide known because they are said to be the king of all birds. The combination of Philippine eagle and flag signifies “rise Philippines and shine” among other countries.


And so the bearer of this tattoo is ready to defend his homeland as what his tattoo is all about. Located at his back, this 3 stars and a sun was painted with colors of Philippine flag. You can also see the flag inside the circle of the sun. At the top is the name “Powex” which is none other than the name of the bearer.

Pinoy Tribal Flag with Skull

A very masculine and strong tattoo is what Francis of Tempe, Az had for us in this photo. Engraved in his biceps are the images of Philippine tribal flag and skull binding the flag at the middle. At the top of the tribal Philippine flag are the 3 stars and a sun. This one is very unique as it gave another dimension of Filipino tattoos.

Fell In Love With A Tattoo

20552_106219019396045_100000238410583_152433_5013444_n copyDianne Allen Villeroz from New Hampshire USA shared to us this lovely tattoo that she got from the internet. She said she fell in love with this one and planning to have this as her sixth tattoo. Originally, the tattoo had a Filipino word on the blue ribbon but she didn’t include it. She is planning to get half a sleeve on her right arm and a full sleeve on her left. She’s very excited with it!