Friz (Ilokano)

Friz (Hawaii)
Ilokano by Garden Isle Tattoo
“Aloha. Additional half sleeve under construction. I’ll post it when it’s done.”

Provinces of Ilocos, derived from Spanish word looc meaning sheltered coves, are well-known for tourist spots that are haven to many. There is La Union, the surf capital of the Philippines. The colonial houses in Vigan City. Pagudpud‘s white sand beaches and crystal-blue sea water and more. Albeit the provinces’ abundant gold mines, beware of the Ilokanos for they are known as the frugality terrors.

And so, he calls himself Ilokano rather than Filipino. This one online survey mentions that an unperturbed Ilokano returns from Hawaii with coolers of what they call marunggai. I wonder if he’s one of those and what marunggai is.

Ti agmúla, agápit

As part of the Asian Tattoo article feature, the writer got a Baybayin tattoo. It reads Ti agmula, agapit. Can anyone guess what it means?

Here’s some comments from Dino, the one inked:

The tattoo also says, “Yeah, I’m Filipino and have somewhat of a grasp of my culture’s history, but in reality, I think it just looks really cool.” I mean, I could claim that I am hardcore Filipino, but I am past that now. I did the whole spoken word militant bullshit. The tattoo is just a way to celebrate my culture and to permanently mark my body with something that helps me also celebrate myself as a human (how profound).

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Inked by Oey, the owner of Sacred Tattoo in Oakland, CA (510) 251-8287