Three Stars and the Sun and the Philippine Eagle


Jon Juan (Vallejo CA)
3 Stars and the Sun and the Philippine Eagle by Allied Ink

Considered as critically endangered, with only 180 to 500 species remaining, the Philippine Eagle still holds the crown of being the national bird of the country as proclaimed by then President Fidel Ramos.

First called as monkey-eating eagles as they were believed to have preyed on monkeys when first discovered, the Haribon belongs to the Accipitridae family—world’s largest eagle. They can also be compared to human beings sharing the same practice of monogamy. Once paired, they’ll be partners for the rest of their life cycles. Life expectancy for these birds is calculated to be from 30 to 60 years.

One of the famous captive-bred eagles to be released in the wild was named Kabayan. Unluckily, he was electrocuted. Anyone caught killing this endangered specie will serve twelve years in jail with hefty amount of fines.