MITO (Myths)

Some Filipinos, even though heavily Christianize, still believe in tales and superstitions about magical creatures and entities. One of these beliefs are the ANITOSAnito Cosmology is complex because each tribe has many variations as to how the world was created, how humans were created, and how the world is divided up.

Skilled artist Dyani Lao from Quezon City, Philippines — made his own rendition of BUKIDNON MYTHThe Creation of the Universe.

” Three Gods and The Banting”

Model : Fritz Artist : Dyani Lao
Model : Fritz
Artist : Dyani Lao

Dyani Lao said that this piece is part of his “Series Gods and Creatures”. It took 31 hours working duration, –well it’s not surprising, as you can see, it was so detailed, and full of life. When you’re looking into it, besides of being amazed, you’ll also gain some knowledge. It was interesting that some tattoo artist were inspired by our culture and they can even express it freely on tattooing. Dyani is also planning to add some color on this piece, I’m sure that will be great.

–you can check out his other works here:


Republic of the Philippines

So what can you say after seeing this tattoo? Looks familiar right? But you’re thinking where you saw it just I did. Well, this tattoo of William Fuchs from Seattle, WA is actually the image/logo of Republic of the Philippines (Republika ng Pilipinas). This one emphasizes his root and heritage without a doubt. To be clear to everyone, he is a half-Filipino and obviously he is very proud of it. You can get a design like this by signing up for the mailing list on

Philippine Eagle

Two sides of Philippine eagle with Philippine flag by Ariel of El Monte. This is to show his Filipino pride to the world. Philippine eagle is the Philippines national bird and world wide known because they are said to be the king of all birds. The combination of Philippine eagle and flag signifies “rise Philippines and shine” among other countries.

Philippine Islands

Aside from the tattoo Jeff Luzod submitted to us (sun and stars with UCLA Bruin bear), he also had this Philippine Island map tattoo which he had earlier as his second tattoo. He had it located on his bicep so everyone can see it immediately. This not just a simple outlined with simple shading tattoo because for him this is also showcases his Filipino pride.

Perlas ng Silangan

For those who don’t know, Perlas ng Silangan is another name of the Philippines. The island was named Perlas ng Silangan because it was the Filipino translation of Pearl of the Orient . The name was likely to hear and see in Philippine National Anthem “Lupang Hinirang”. Philippines is said to be the Pearl of the Orient because of its rich natural resources that attracted other races.

Dwight of Makati City, Philippines.

Ancestry, Blood and Childhood

A representation of his childhood, love for the island of the Philippines and how he was raised in the beautiful island of Guam. You can see a lot of figures and symbols in this tattoo and each symbol has meanings and each also shows how rich and happy his life is from childhood until now.

Pinoy Pride in Illinois

Anthony Reyes of Waukegan, Illinois shared to us his 3 stars and a sun with Philippine map tattoo.

Anthony is one of many Filipinos who are representing Philippines through this kind of tattoo in Illinois. This is one of their way to show their Pinoy pride.

Credit to Dwayne of Modern Tattoo for this great tattoo.