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Custom Baybayin translation & artwork: This includes consultation, artwork, and translation starting at only $29.99 for 2 words. I’ll send you a graphic file within about 72 hours (large/complicated custom orders will take a bit longer). You can print it and take it to your local tattoo artist. As you can see below, I specialize in the brush style I call Baybayin Kamay.

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My 1st exposure to Baybayin was in the 90’s during my junior year in high school in the US. I remember finding an old pamphlet about the Katipunan and the revolution. In it, there were photos of all the revolution flags. It tripped me out that we had a KKK flag (during that time I was studying Black Nationalism concepts). The 3 symbols that were engraved in my brain were 1) The black pirate looking flag with a skull, 2) The sun with 8 rays and 3) A strange looking capital “I”. When I learned that it represented “K” in our very own indigenous writing system, I made it my personal goal to learn how to read and write Baybayin.  In 2009, my 1st book “An Introduction to Baybayin” was published.


I teach Baybayin to hundreds of people every year at my events and run the biggest Baybayin forum in the world consisting of nearly 13K members. As a leading authority for the propagation and instruction of the Philippine script, I developed a modern performance style of the writing system called Tulang Kalis (Poetry of the Sword) and introduced it as Filipino Calligraphy with a series of live demonstrations and lectures at the Asian Art Museum in October 2012. I’ve spoken at numerous schools and institutions such as Stanford University, UC Berkeley, SF State University, UC Davis, Sonoma State, University of the Philippines, National Anthropology Museum of Madrid, Tokyo University, and the San Francisco Philippine Consulate.  In 2013, I completed a European tour of Paris, Madrid, London and Brussels and currently working on my 4th book, documentary, producing events, and launching an online school.

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Featured in:
Tayo Magazine
Vallejo Times Herald
Contra Costa times
Philippine News
Asian Journal
CBS 5 News
GMA News

Consulted companies:
Bayani Art
Know Your Roots
Pinoy Street Team
WIP Caps

It’s important for me that you understand why Baybayin is important. I don’t want you to have something that just looks cool, although it is. You need to understand the context of the script and how it relates to our pre-colonial past.   The purpose a tattoo is to have something original and personal, right?

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Starting at $29.99 for up to 2 words

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If you want to try writing it yourself, I have tutorials on my website and a book on Amazon you can read. There’s also good books out there to learn calligraphy as well. Although, I must warn you that I come across Baybayin tattoo errors everyday by people who thought they knew the script just by looking at a chart that could be incorrect. You need to know language, context and the script in and out. You can see some of the errors on FB by searching #baybayinerrors. If you’d rather have me do all the work to save you time and money, I’d be happy to do that.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I have to provide my words in a Philippine language?
A: No, you can give it to me in English but I suggest that you make effort to try and find out or talk to your parents or relatives that speak a Philippine language. It’s part of the process. If you don’t have anyone, I can do it for you. 

Q: What kind of art do you do?
A: Digital typefaces and hand written (Baybayin Kamay)

Q: What type of file will you be sending me?
A: High resolution PNG file that you can send to your tattoo artist or print out

Q: I’m tiny, can you size it to fit my body?
A: The file I’ll send you will have a big graphic so that the tattoo artist can see the detail. They can resize it to fit your body part.

Q: What if I want more than 5 words? 
A: Email me for a quote

Q: Why should I trust you? 
A: I’ve been studying the script since the mid 1990’s and have been doing this professionally since 2007 traveling the world teaching it. I still suggest you learn the basics so that you understand what I give you.

Q: I have more questions, can I contact you for a consultation? Is there a charge?
A: No charge, email me

If you want more than 10 words, please contact me at

Email or text/call 925-396-5969

What happens after you order
1) You will receive an email with a receipt from paypal or my online store
2) You will receive an order confirmation email from me with some information
3) I will send your artwork via email in about 3 business days

Need it ASAP?
Rush orders (24 hours) are available for double the price. Please confirm with me 1st before placing the order.

Starting at $29.99 for up to 2 words

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*If you don’t mind my scribbles on your body, go for it Due to the nature of my work, I can’t offer any refunds or exchanges. Please do extensive research of my work or contact me first.